Bud King, IA

Hi Jenn, Matt, Sadie & Rex.... When I first came to your camp Matt was perhaps the age of Sadie and we watched him grow, walking along the docks with his life jacket fishing and getting into trouble. Not much has changed except now he is helping us with our motor problems, telling us where to fish, etc, etc. Also nothing new because that is what his grandpa, Mom & Dad did for so many years. I feel very fortunate to have spent so many years with all of you. I believe my first year was the fall of 1978 when my cohorts Bump, & Don came and It was so cold our lines would freeze up. Since then we have not missed a year coming to our very favorite fishing hole. Now it is two or three times a year. We have never been dissappointed with your great hospitality, and we appreciate all the improvements you have made to the camp. Fishing seems to continue to get better each year especially bigger fish.Even when the weather does'nt want to cooperate there are many Islands close to camp to fish out of the wind. One nice thing is we usually catch a variety of fish. Walleye, Northern,Small Mouth Bass, Crappie, Muskie (sometimes when least expected). We look forward to many more years with your family and the many friends we have made while staying at your camp. Keep up the good work. I Look forward to seeing you next Spring.

Bud King
Clear Lake, Iowa