Gerard Hellenbrand Madison, WI

As I checked my old fishing licenses I see that I very first time I ever went to Canada was in the early 80s. The place I fished back then was Rex Tolton’s Miles Bay Camp. Back then it was a bit more rustic than now, but the great family that owns it is still there. It’s a place where you rarely saw another boat prior to GPS. But as the years go by, its still a fantastic place to go fishing. I have gone there with my brothers and friends over the years. There hasn’t been a bad trip for me in the many times I went. In Miles Bay, I have caught muskies to 46 inches, all the walleyes & perch I can eat and more, and played with my share of numerous smallies and northern pike. If that isn’t enough, I fished off the docks in camp as there is always fish around there. As you can imagine, I can’t wait to go back. So I’m looking forward to seeing Matt, Jenn, and the kids in 2010.