March 2012

Well, we have had above normal temps for the last week and it is supposed to continue into this week as well.  The days have been sunny and in the 70's and at night it has been in the 60's - pretty nice for March, but not so good for the ice.  I think we might be making it out to the camp by boat earlier then we ever have before!  So this puts a halt to progress on #1, but if the temps stay the same and the ice is off the lake soon, Matt will be able to go out by boat to finish things up.  We have some other repair work to do as well, but we should be in good shape by May.  

Some of you may have noticed that you have not yet received a newsletter.  Well, I am working on them, but our computer has been broken and we just got it fixed so hopefully I will have it done soon.

We have not yet received our fishing license issuing equipment yet, hopefully it comes soon, I am going to send an email out right now to see their ETA.

Bye for now....Jenn