Spring 2010

So since my last entry a lot has happened.  Matt (& many helpers) filled both woodsheds at the camp, took the deck off of cabin #7 so he can replace it this fall and cleared out a lot of brush around there as well.  The ice went out early, we took a day trip out to the camp on the 18th (of April). to set the docks up.  We have had beautiful weather, but we need rain, and lots of it.  The water is the lowest I have ever seen it; and is warm for this time of year as well, Matt said it is 48 degrees.  If it keeps warming up I will be out there swimming in no time.  We are looking into having some new items in the "store" this year to sell.  Hopefully some new baseball hats and hooded sweatshirts. Make sure to check them out when you come into the office to get your fishing licenses.

On the topic of fishing licenses, make sure to bring your Outdoor Card if you purchased on last year, it is good for 3 years.  

If anyone has heard any rumors about having to have a boating license, you can rest easy, it is only required for residents of Canada, or for those staying for extended periods of time.  You can view the full details at:


We will let you know once we are out on the island.