June 11 2010

So on my last entry I said I would let you know when we got out to camp.  So we are here (ha ha, we got here on May 10, I am a little behind with this entry) and we have been busy since we set foot on the island.  Matt got #7 completed the day before guests went into it, it has been raised a foot and a half off the ground, has a brand new deck, a refurbished outhouse and some of the brush has been cleared out around it for a better breeze off the lake. The first 2 weeks we were pretty much full and the next 3 weeks to come we have every cabin booked, except for the week of the 12th, we had a cancellation, so if anyone is interested in coming in June this would be the time to do it.  We don't have anymore openings until July 3rd, with only a couple of cabins open that weekend.

The water is almost back up to an average level, the water is 65 degrees and the island is wet, wet, wet.  We have had a lot of rain this past week and the clay just isn't soaking it up anymore so bring your rubber boots!  However, next week is looking great with warm days and lots of sunshine.  The mayfly hatch is done, and the fishing has been great.  Several walleyes over 26" have been boated in the last 2 weeks.  

That's it for now, I will try to write again soon, however, I haven't planted my garden yet so the next post will have to wait until after I have done that.  If I don't plant those seeds soon we won't have any fresh veggies this summer.

If any of you have pictures of the great fish you caught, just send them to our email (please don't send them large, in the 1200 by 1000 pixel range would be great) and I will put them on the website.