Winter 2017 - It's a New Year!

Sometimes I wonder why I have this Blog, I'm sure the purpose of it is daily, not yearly!  LOL.  I think it's best for everyone to keep up to date with us via our FACEBOOK page under "Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp.  To get you up to speed for now....We have 3 new cabins, they all have hot water and indoor plumbing, 2 & 3 have screened in decks and #3 has a shower as well.  They are booked from May 20 until August 12 of 2017, they are very popular cabins!  Our other cabins are nice as well if I do say so myself, they do have private outhouses and they are very clean!  In fact, they must not be too shabby as the entire camp is booked from May 26 until July 8!  So if you were thiking of staying with us this summer you should get ahold of us soon.  Can't wait for May for everyone to start rolling in.  Happy New Year everyoe!