January 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Hope everyone is doing well.  It is that time of year when we start thinking about the upcoming season.  The first thing I have to tell you is that we will no longer be selling fishing licenses.  They have changed the system and it is going to end up costing us money to sell them so we no longer want to do it, its just not feasible.  You can get them from a different service provider or online.  Here are some links to information for you:



Here is the link to set up or access account for outdoors card and fishing/hunting license purchase:


Also, be advised the Pier North has been sold to Morson Marina.  The rates and information for both places are as follows:

“Parking for single vehicles $8.85 + HST/day or $53.10 + HST/week

Parking for vehicles with trailers or Camper/RV’s - $13.28 + HST/day or $79.68 + HST/week

Boat Launch/Pull-out fee $15.00 + HST total”

The above rates are in CDN$

“Right now we would be operating at a 25% exchange rate. The rate may change as the exchange rate goes up and down. “

“Those guests coming before/after hours will be best to call ahead and use their credit card to obtain parking passes. A drop box will also be provided for those that want to pay cash after hours. For those that use this option, we will put a parking pass on the appropriate windshield in the morning.”

If you have any questions please call Morson Marina at 807-488-5551.

Parking is still available for free at the government dock.

Thats it for now, until next time.....Jenn